Friday, February 2, 2007

I was wrong!

Silly me. I thought the car was done after the 2 coats of red paint and the coat of yellow/orange "flames". I was wrong. We weren't even close.

Now really, what kind of race car doesn't have tires? And oh, did we forget a steering wheel too? And....hmmmm, doesn't Lightning McQueen have lucky lightning bolt stickers and a face?

All of these questions were answered and the ACTUAL finished car looks like this:

The race was a lot of fun too. Quite a few parents showed up to take photos and cheer the little drivers on. The kids all had a great time chasing after their teacher. There were 2 Lightning McQueen's, 2 fire engines, a Hummer, 2 Barbie cars, a space ship and an airplane. I was worried that we might be going a little overboard on this car, but everyone sure stepped up on this project. They all looked great.

Personally, we did have a small casualty on our car - a blown tire and busted steering wheel. But not to worry, it's nothing a little hot glue won't fix!

Check out the cutie pie behind the wheel. Such a big smile. He was so proud of his car.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about the car. I've read them all to Nathan and he just smiles bigger!


Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh, too cute...I love it!

Rebecca said...

It's awesome! What a super fun project. :)

Oh and I promise to step up to your challenge tomorrow. I'm a little behind lately . .

Shara said...

That car is great - my DS would have loved something like that! Your swap box has been wrapped and ready to be mailed for over a week. but, DS got sick and it's still in the kitchen. But, it WILL gt mailed by Wenesday - sorry for the delay! ;o) I got your "tag" and am working on it too.