Monday, April 27, 2009

A new grin

Nathan has finally lost one of his top front teeth! It's been loose for what seems like months. He's spent a lot of time trying to get it out. He took special delight in showing me just how wobbly it was. (Eww!)

Anyway, it's out now, but the Tooth Fairy will have to wait another night to collect it....

He wants to take his tooth to school tomorrow for sharing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

March CRAFTalong project

I was just looking through my last few posts and realized that I actually finished a sewing project that I haven't posted about yet.

(Good thing too, since it's too darn hot here to do any sewing or to think of something clever to post about.)

Ta Da! Crooked coasters to go with our new summer tablecloth.

I picked up the tablecloth (Liz Claiborne) at Linens 'N' Things when they were clearing everything out. I love how colorful and festive it looks. The Crooked Coasters were the March project for Finny & Donk's CRAFTalong 2009. I made the coasters from a thrifted sheet and tried to use up leftover thread from other projects. It's hard to see the different thread colors, but they are light green, yellow and light orange. I'm thinking about a set of matching napkins too.

The Crooked Coaster tutorial can be found here at The Long Thread.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had some lovely photos from our UK trip to share with you.

At least I think I had some.

I know we took over 100 photos while we were there, but most of them have gone missing.

There are only 30 some on the disk and most of them are of this character-

Oh well, at least he's entertaining!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Springing back....

We're back from Spring Break.

Enjoyed a lovely holiday with our family in the UK.

I'll be back with photos soon!

(After I recover from jet lag.....and the mountain of laundry that's waiting for me.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifted sweater refashion

Last week, I thrifted these to "so-so" sweaters at the Goodwill.

The beige one is kind of boring and has a tie closure at chest level. Not exactly where I want attention drawn.

The blue one is a nice color, but it's very worn and pilling all over. (Not to mention that it's about 3 sizes too small for me!)

Normally, I would have passed both of these up, but the closure on the blue sweater really grabbed my attention.

And yes, I was willing to pay $4.50 for the sweater just to get that closure. (I was very surprised when I saw the brand on the tag - Faded Glory. Not exactly the style I expect from a Walmart brand.)

Ta da! It's not a huge change, but just enough to dress it up a bit. (I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it.) It was very easy and I'm so pleased with the finished product. Think I'll be on the lookout for more refashion opportunities at the thrift store now.

We're starting our Spring Break tomorrow, so I won't be around much. Definitely time to relax and enjoy a little extra family time.