Thursday, February 1, 2007

I've been tagged!!

Woo-hoo! Thanks to Lucy, I've been tagged for the first time in blogland. This is for the "Try Five Challenge", which was actually quite challenging for me.

The challenge is to visit five blogs which you might not go to in your normal blog reading. To do this, you click on the fifth blog on your links or favorites list, then click on the fifth blog on their list and so on. (I ran into some dead ends too, so I counted from the top or the bottom, whichever got me to a new blog.) Then list those blog in a post on your blog. And of course, then you have to tag someone else for the challenge.

My new five are:
Posie Gets Cozy
Alex The Girl
My Little Mochi
Folded Gingham

And now onto the tagging.....Risa, Laura, Shara (something to do while you're snowed in!), Rebecca, and Sarah. Hope you all find something new and interesting out there!


Rebecca said...

A challenge?? Well you're on! I'll try to do it today but if not, Monday for sure when I get back. Thanks for tagging me! :)

Lucy said...

Love seeing the new sites everyone is coming up with :)

Thanks for taking on the challenge!