Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pitstop Picasso

This week Nathan's preschool class is learning about transportation. As a fun/learning activity, they kids are having a cardboard vehicle derby on Friday. Of course, this means mommy and/or daddy has to assist with building a vehicle to race. I thought we'd be building a blue tank engine to resemble Thomas, but I was wrong. Evidently to win a cardboard vehicle derby, you must be Lightning McQueen.

The Process:

Step 1: Building the car

Step 2: Testing the car

Step 3: Painting the car

Step 4: Painting flames on the car with Daddy

Step 5: Painting the car some more (yes, he's thorough)

And voila! A finished (I hope) masterpiece!

I've had to keep reminding myself that he's four and it's his car. It'll build his confidence to let him do it however he wants and it is his project, not mine. I'm just the hired help (paint bottle opener, clean up crew, etc). He obvously loves to paint and has been so excited to have the freedom to do it!


Lucy said...

Awww what a great family project! Love it :)

I tagged you for an easy challenge, visit my blog for the details.


LLA said...

The car is fabulous, and I love that you let him have so much input. I get frustrated at the parents that I saw at the preschool where I taught - the ones who wanted so much for everything to look perfect and all PotteryBarnKids-worthy that the kids weren't even allowed to help with things like this!

I think this is the best Lightning McQueen I've seen - and I hope the Transportation Derby is/was a blast!

Rebecca said...

It's fantastic! My Dad and I made a cardboard hut once when we got a new fridge when I was 5. It was the coolest thing ever. :)

Alexandra said...

I came over from Shara's blog...my nine year old son was peaking over my shoulder while I was visiting this post, and told me to tell you he loves that car! LOL. His favorite playstation game is Cars. Nice job...looked like a lot of fun to make. :) We've made a few cardboard box toys in the past as well.