Friday, February 9, 2007

Where has the time gone???

Can't believe I haven't posted in a week. I have been reading my usual reading blogs and finding some new ones. Seems like a lot of bloggers (especially the crafty ones) are in a bit of rut. I personally have the best of intentions for getting things done, but intention doesn't get you very far. Of course I keep adding to my list of things that need to be done and projects I'd like to do. The best I've done recently is to iron a patch over the gaping hole in the knee of Nathan's jeans.

I have managed to maintain my thrifting habit. Today, I rediscovered the Goodwill Clearance Center. The have auctions each morning for appliances, large items and entire shelves of stuff. I arrived to late for the auction, but still managed some good buys. Everything that's not part of the aucitons is in giant cardboard bins, which are chaotic and dirty. You have to be willing to dig in order to find the goodies. Most of this stuff is sold by weight. Sounds weird, I know, but who can argue with $4.75 for a scrapbooking tote, a diaper bag, 2 backpacks and 3 handbags?

One of the handbags: Stone Mountain black pebble leather with turquoise lining. Not sure if this bag was ever used. The leather is super soft and buttery.

This is one of the other handbags. Yes, it is Kate Spade!!!! Authentic and in great shape. This bag retailed new for about $150! And yes, I'm selling it on eBay.

I also picked up this rare (according to ebay) set of Fashio Discs for a Singer sewing machine for .99. The also had a set of accessories, but everything had fallen out of that box and I couldn't tell where it went or if it was complete.

Now that I've had a good experience at the clearance center, I can't wait to go back. Next time I'll be early enough for the auction!


Rebecca said...

What great finds! I am never very lucky at the Goodwill here. It's so dirty and picked over. :(

Sarah and Jack said...

Goodwill clearance center? Is that the same as a Goodwill outlet? I have heard about the outlet, where things are sold by the pound.

Sherry said...

You sure found some great deals that day. I love that purse and backpack. I need to learn the value of thrift stores. Every once in awhile I stop but don't usually find anything special and then I don't go back again.

helle said...

Great bags. Very good spotting.
It's so much fun finding treaures like these.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog.