Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Update

The garden is growing and producing a few things already.

Our first broccoli. It's amazing how quickly a head of broccoli that is ready to harvest will go to flower.

One lonely sunflower. There are many more buds, two of which are starting to bloom. Some of the sunflower plants are nearly as tall as Nathan!

Broccoli in the front, tomatoes in the back and some brussel sprouts off to the right. (Oh, and our non-working tractor. Makes a nice garden decoration, don't you think?)

This is the hodge-podge bed. You can see artichokes, green onions and a monsterous cilantro plant. Luckily, I harvested and froze quite a bit of cilantro before it bolted. The flowers are dainty and white.
I did take pictures of some of the other beds, but after looking at them, I decided that they're pretty boring. I'll try to take some more creative pictures next time.