Friday, August 29, 2008

Thrifty Thursday Friday

I meant to post some of these photos yesterday, but it was a busy day. So, this week's Thrifty Thursday is actually Thrifty Friday.

Here are my treasures:

Set of 4 Waverly Home Classics for Kids valances.

(Nathan's not really into fire engines, so I'll probably sell these.)

A few yards of fabric.

A scrub shirt and housedress.

(I don't wear either scrubs or housedresses. I bought these strictly for the fabric.)

Four sheets. Vintage and new.

Two vintage half aprons.

(I'm a messy cook who needs full aprons, so these will probably be sold too.)

And my favorite find.....

It's E.T.!

(The big question....should I use this apron or keep it as a collectible?)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Wonkiness

Way back in January, I thirfted this pile of scraps, without having any idea of what I'd use them for. They were just one of those things I found that couldn't be left behind.

Now, seven months later, I've finally decided that they need to be made into a quilt. I think the original owner intended them to be a quilt because they're all cut into strips of varying lengths.

So here's the first block. Very random and somewhat wonky.

I've volunteered to do some sewing for a local hospice group and this is going to be a lap blanket for one of their patients. It's going to be 9 scrappy log cabin blocks, but I don't know what I should use for sashing. Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st Grade and Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was the first day of school here.

Ready to face First Grade.

No more tables and cubbies! A real desk with room for his stuff underneath.

Happy that he still gets to color.

Even though he's a big First Grader, I thought he might have some separation anxiety. But there were no tears. No clinging. He didn't even want me to walk him to the quad. (I did anyway.)

Amazing what a little growing up will do.

On another note.....

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Camping

We spent last weekend camping at a wonderful place called Dinkey Creek. It was our last chance for any kind of Family Vacation before school starts and we had a great time!

The campground was full, but because it is huge, it didn't seem crowded at all. It is probably the best cared for campground we've ever been too. They even rake the campsites after campers check out! (Yes, I did take a picture of our pristine campsite, but it didn't turn out very well.)

A view of Dinkey Creek. (Named for a dog who fought a Grizzly Bear.)

Nathan exploring the rocky water's edge.

Posing for the camera.

Hubby and Nathan fishing.

(Thank goodness they didn't catch any. I was not prepared to clean fish!.)

Neccessity is the mother of invention......I brought a bottle of wine, but forgot the corkscrew!

Victory! Cork removed using a paint can opener thingy and a hammer. MacGyver's got nothin' on my Hubby!

On our way home, we stopped here to see some big cats.

Goliath, a Bengal Tiger, relaxing by his pond.

And finally, a stop in Sequoia National Park to see the giant Sequoia's. That's General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world, in the background. (With Nathan looking a little bored. Really, how many BIG trees does a six year old want to see?)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photography by Nathan

While transferring photos from the camera to the computer, I came across some unfamiliar images. Obviously taken by our resident 6 year old Photographer.

Interesting to see what caught his eye.

Some toy cars

His Lego table

A Lego creation

An extreme close-up of Sam

Our other cat George, trying to run away

The back of my head

A poster in his room

He also took photos of every framed picture we have hanging in the house.

Oh, and his school awards and other things on his bulletin board.

He's a funny kid.