Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along: Almost done!

I've been plugging away at my blocks for the Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along.

I meant to take photos of each set of blocks along the way, but every time I actually thought about taking the photos, it was too dark!

Here are my 30 blocks, all put together:

I didn't realize until I took this photo how much of a dividing line appears on my diagonal from top left to bottom right. Oh well, it's all sewn together and I'm not about to rip out all those seams!

Now, I just need to decide how to finish it.


Jamie Lee said...

I like it! I didn't see the dividing line actually.

Just started mine today. I got 4 blocks done which isnt too shabby with three little ones running around! My sewing room is a mess though. Did you stay organized?

Lynn Douglass said...

I love it, Christy! I like it just the way it is!