Monday, October 29, 2012

Things That Go "BUMP" In The Night

For the last several weeks, we've had something bumping along under our house at all hours of the night.

This morning, I think we found it/her/them.....

Meet Mama Possum.....

and her three babies!

When my husband first spotted this little family in the yard this morning, Mama was carrying all the babies on her back. It was amazing to see that in real life. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to keep Harry away from the Mama's sharp teeth to think about grabbing my camera.

Mama and babies were gently and safely relocated to a more appropriate area for possums.

And hopefully, there will be no more things under the house going bump in the night!

1 comment:

jillytacy said...

They look so cute in the picture but when they open their mouth and you see the teeth they are a bit scary. Glad they found a new possum friendly home.