Monday, November 12, 2007

The Aftermath and A New Cat Toy

Nathan and I have just returned home from a long weekend visiting my Mom. And visiting my Mom means we've been thrifting.

This is most of what I just unloaded from the van.

You'll notice several bags from various thrift shops. Some of my favorite thrifts are near my Mom's and I think we hit them all. Also in that pile, there are a few things my Mom had stashed for us to bring home and our bags (full of dirty clothes, yuck!). Oh, and a piece of lime green fabric with white hippos, that I picked up at IKEA on the way home. It's about 4 yards and I found it in the "As Is" section for $2! (BTW, I think I'm the only person in the world who can spend an hour shopping at IKEA and spend a grand total of $2, plus tax!

Nathan said he wanted to help unload the van, which, I should have known meant he wanted to get his new treasures out of the van and into the house as quickly as possible.

He got 2 large bags of miscellaneous wooden train track, buildings, vehicles, trees and people. He needs them like he needs a hole in his head, but what could I do? Grandma bought them for him and he's already having a great time with them.

And onto the new cat toy.....

We headed out in a bit of a hurry on Friday and I neglected to clean up my crafting stufff. Remember this wonky pincushion? Well, evidently, when such an item is left on the kitchen table, within reach of a bored house-cat, it becomes quite an entertaining toy....

Here's a close-up for you....

He pulleld 75 79 pins out of my pincushion!! I don't know what that cat was thinking. He left 10 pins in the cushion. And he managed to do all this without dropping any with only 4 pins hitting the floor.

I thought I only had to worry about Nathan getting into my sewing stuff! Guess I'll be more careful about cleaning up now.

I'm off to tackle that pile on the couch.

Wish me luck!

Hopefully, there will be some photos of my thrifty finds tomorrow.


Sarah and Jack said...

The hippos are cute, cute, cute! (And 50 cents a yard, wowzer.)

My cats are the same way about the pin cushion. Well, anything sewing related really. They drive me crazy trying to sit ON the machine while I am sewing. Sigh.

Karyn said...

Wow! What a haul! I can't wait to see what other goodies you got!

And, as a cat owner, I'm totally laughing at your cat's "new toy". I could SO see the same thing happening at our house (but I'm glad it hasn't yet!)