Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thrifty Finds

I've got photos for you!

This is most of what I thrifted over the weekend. Some items are gifts or for swaps, so I had to be a little sneaky with the photos.

I can't figure out why the angle of this one is so funny. It looks like I took it upside down, which I can guarantee you, I didn't. The hippo fabric came in handy as a backdrop, although lime green may not be the best at showing off some of my treasures. I found a nice (fake suede) blouse for myself, two cute cherry pillowcases (quilt backs?), some other "fabric" items, the book French Women Don't Get Fat, and a sewing angel that will someday hand in my sewing room. For now, the sewing angel is overseeing my scrap basket, which is full and probably very comfy for her.

Some of the Christmas haul: cute Christmas-y tin serving tray, glittery ornaments made in Germany and a few craft kits for Nathan.

A VW van and Roley, the steam roller. The van was supposed to be mine, but I think I've already lost that battle. Oh, and a cute dish underneath.

The gift bags.....17 of them! I prefer to use wrapping paper, but between work gifts and school gifts, I thought $1.50 for all these bags was a good investment.

There was also a large stack of paperbacks thrifted this weekend. I think there were 11 of them. Probably not photo-worthy.

And this is for Cindy! Is this sneak peek any better than the last one?


Karyn said...

I love those cherry pillowcases and the Christmas ornaments, but everything is awesome!

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...
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cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Wow, what a haul. I love the hippo fabric and the cherry pillowcases. You have to make this with it. with it.

The link is too large to fit, so go to marthastewart.com and search "sleeper of a bag." I made a few last summer and sold all of them. It is great for farmer's market days.

And to the hint....no help whatsoever!

Lucy said...

Wow-looks like you scored again on your thrifting trip! I'm liking the sneak peaks of your swap pressie--lol--you have us all in suspense!