Monday, July 2, 2007

It's a Pincushion

Yes, a Pincushion.


It's got pins in it and it's cushiony....ergo, a Pincushion.

And of course there's a story behind this pincushion.

A while ago, I bought a new box of "Extra Fine" (read extra sharp & pointy) pins. I've finally poked myself enough times to realize that I really do need a pincushion. So, I looked online, found lots of cute pincushions and tutorials for making them. I decided to make it easy on myself and chose a simple 4" felted wool model with blanket stitch.

Hold on....did I say Blanket Stitch??? As in, embroidery? You may not have noticed previously, but none of my projects have a single stitch of embroidery on them. There's a reason for that. I am Horrible (with a capital H) at embroidery. I've never been any good at it, but I thought it's a simple stitch. I'll just find some good instructions and give it a try. I read through Anna Maria's tutorial on doing the blanket stitch. I followed her instructions. I ripped out the stitches. Four times! I finally decided that no matter what I do my stitches will look wonky. So I went ahead with the wonky stitching and ta da! A new pincushion to save my tender little fingertips!

Hopefully, there will be more professional looking projects to post about in the near future. :)


Lucy said...

Looks good to me--says she who does not embroider either..LOL. :)

Like the color combo--reminds me of my high school days for some reason!

Dinah said...

I think your pincushion looks very nice. You might have designed a new stitch - who knows!

Dana said...

Blanket stitches are hard for me too!

By the way, I made your yummy cupcakes. They rock!!

Raesha D said...

Cute!! All I can say is practice helps make better blanket stitches.,, LOTS of practice:) I have a little packet of birthday goodies for you (very much overdue from my birthday celebration) can you email me your address at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com? Thanks!!!

paper-and-string said...

there is nothing better than a pincushion full of brand new pins!
take a quick peek at my blog because you have won a freebie !!