Thursday, September 27, 2007

Costume Progress Part 1

I finally cut into the taffeta and started on the Cindy Lou Whoo costume. Once I got started, it wasn't so bad. Of course, I had to cut the skirt pieces out twice because I didn't center the plaid properly the first time. But the zipper was much easier than I expected.

I've gotten as far as I can without doing a fitting. I still need to finish the waistband and attach a hook and eye. My friend wants a bib with straps to make the skirt into more of a jumper/pinafore. I'm going to make it and just pin it to the waistband for the time being.

The blouse is purchased. I'm going to add a "ribbon" of the plaid fabric to the cuff, with a bow. Then onto the lined cape with fur collar.

It looks a lot like a uniform right now. Hopefully that'll change. I'll be posting more as it goes along.


jessi said...

Definitely looking great!

Dana said...

So far so good! She is gonna love it!

Mary Beth said...

That skirt is adorable. I'm sewing for Halloween tonight. Gotta get back to it!