Sunday, September 30, 2007

What we've been up to

Well, I have not touched the Cindy Lou Whoo costume since my last post. Really, I will get to it and get it done in plenty of time for all the Halloween festivities.

We have been busy doing other fun family things.

Such as:

Riding the Demo Cars ride at the County Fair.

Eating Ice Cream at the County Fair.

And going to the fair....again!

Nathan LOVED the big bumpy slide. He must have ridden it at least 6 times. That's hubby, Nathan and two of his friends having a ball on the slide!

Riding the BIG swings. These were not in the kiddie area. These are the swings that go way up. My little daredevil loved this ride too.

On the Ferris Wheel.

This weekend was National Alpaca Farm Days. On Saturday, we headed to an Alpaca ranch about an hour east of us. They had an open house with tours of the ranch and a spinning demonstration. I've seen Alpacas before, at petting zoos and such, but this was so much fun and so educational.

A group of mamas and babies.

I think this one was hubby's favorite. Something about that funny front tooth! You've just gotta love her.

This baby was only one day old.

Another beauty.

After the Alpaca ranch, we took a leisurely drive through the hills. Going through the wind farm was amazing. Those towers are HUGE!

And I've been baking. This morning I baked some Pumpkin Muffins and I made a Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Of course Nathan wanted to help with the pastry. I let him roll up some little pastry balls to decorate the crust. That was fun, but then he wanted to play with the scraps.....

I don't know if you can see the very generous amounts of flour covering the board, rolling pin and his tummy. Let's just say that clean up took a while.

So, that's what we've been up to. Tomorrow....back to sewing that costume.

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Craftylicious said...

I LOVE llamas, how cute are they!?