Friday, June 29, 2007


What does independence mean to a four (almost five) year old?

Being able to choose your own outfit. Wear your shorts backwards. And put your sandals on the wrong feet.

Because that's the way you like it.

(And I was a good mommy and didn't change a thing!)


Dinah said...

Absolutely precious! Independence is priceless, in more ways than one.

Lucy said...

This is just the beginning Momma--lil man just wait until he has to pick out the clothes at the stores too among other things to spout off his independence :)

Adorable picture of your lil man I must say!


Christina said...

That picture is too cute. My son is 6 and is starting to exert his independence by choosing his clothes at store. Oh how I'll miss being able to dress him the way I want! :)