Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm still here

No, I haven't gone on vacation. Or fallen off the face of the earth. Life's been a bit crazy and there hasn't been much creating going on here. It's also been VERY hot here. I'm talking 112* hot. Luckily, it's cooled off a bit and was only about 95* today.

I did manage one finished object recently.

I originally pieced the triangles to be part of a handbag, but didn't like the way they looked. Some of the fabrics were scraps from a quilt I made for a friend's daughter. she recently had a birthday and I wanted to make a little gift for her. So, after some inspiration from Sarah, I made my first bunting.

Other than that, there's been a lot of jigsaw puzzling, fingerpainting, fort building, DVD watching and other assorted kid friendly activities going on. Oh, and I took Nathan bowling yesterday for the first time. I did take a couple photos, so maybe I'll have them loaded and ready to go tomorrow.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer and staying cool!


Dana said...

Love the bunting! I have thought of making one but need to find a good tutorial. I saw Sarah's too and loved hers too.

I'm ready to swap when you are. Ya wanna visit my website and tell me what scents sound best to you??

jessi said...

What a great bunting! I just finished making some buntings too - I should post them.

And I lived in the Sacramento during the 16 day heat wave last year - can you say over 105 for 16 days? I feel your pain! We have moved on to a cooler locale, butI know what that heat can feel like.

kayla_d said...

Oooh, I love the color combination. Did you also post about the quilt these scraps came from? Maybe I should look around. I'd love to see it.

Sarah and Jack said...

They look great as a bunting!

randi said...

Your bunting came out adorable!