Monday, April 23, 2007

My new "Focus" and catching up....again!

Seems like time is flying for a lot of people. I've read several blogs recently with a common theme of "Where has the time gone?". I just can't believe we're almost done with April.

On to other my new "Focus". As in Rowenta Focus! I know I shouldn't be so excited about an iron, but it is the nicest iron I've ever used. I LOVE it! My husband bought this for me for my birthday, along with floor mats for my mini van and some other very nice gifts. I know you're thinking that a husband should NEVER buy his wife an iron as a gift, but it really is exactly what I wanted. (You did very well honey!)

I like it so much that I've even ironed our pillowcases and quilt! Who knows what's next.

I was hoping to have pictures of a new sewing machine to show you and rave about, but there's a story about that. My mom came up to visit and took me shopping for a new machine for my birthday. I've been looking around and reading things online trying to figure out which machine I want. I finally decided on a Singer Quantum 9910 that was on clearance at Hancock Fabrics. They had 2 machines in boxes that had been discounted 20%, supposedly because they weren't going to carry that model anymore. We bought the machine and happily carted it home. I can't remember buying my current machine, so it was exciting taking a new machine out of the box, carefully removing the styrofoam and gently setting it down on the table. Oh, a new sewing machine.......but there's red thread on the spool holder....and red thread in the bobbin......and, hang on, blue thread in another bobbin. This is not a new machine. :( I called the store manager and she told me the discount was because it was a display model and had been used for demos. Not at all what I paid for, or wanted. So, sadly, I took it back and the search for a new machine continues.

On a crafting note, I have been helping a friend's daughter with a third grade class project. The kids drew pictures, on muslin, representing books that they've read this year. The muslin panels were then made into a memory quilt. Several of the kids didn't have anyone who could complete the sewing portion of the project, so I volunteered to put one together. I actually ended up doing three of them, including one for my friend's daughter.

This is the first one I did. And that's me looking all squinty eyed and tired.

This is the last one I did, for my friend's daughter. Sorry for the blurry photo. My son was the photographer.

As part of my Spring Fling Swap package for Em, I made an apron using a very springy, cute Daisy Kingdom fabric.

I think that's it for now. Stay tuned for more of the Sewing Machine Shopping Saga!


em said...

First of all, I LOVE the apron! And everything else you sent me was great. :) I've posted photos in Flickr but am going to be blogging about my wonderful package soon, too!

Secondly, those quilts are awesome. You did a great job.

And, it's amazing what a really nice iron will do toward ironing motivation :)

Rebecca said...

The apron is gorgeous! Em is a lucky gal. :)

The memory quilts are wonderful!

And I soooo need a new iron . . .

Rebecca said...

The apron is gorgeous! Em is a lucky gal. :)

The memory quilts are wonderful!

And I soooo need a new iron . . .

Sarah and Jack said...

Pity about the machine, you didn't want a stinky old Singer anyway! (wink)

Ada said...

Hey, I want an apron!