Friday, June 15, 2007

Today, this is a Fabric Blog!

Yes, today you get abric photos....several of them!

We were down south this week, visiting my Mom and attending my niece's 8th grade promotion ceremony. We had a great time. I especially had a great time because I went to my favorite thrift shop and my favorite fabric shop - all by myself! It's so much nicer to do that sort of shopping without a less-than-cooperative-kiddo in tow. Anywho, I got fabric, lots of fabric! And yes, I'm going to show you photos of all of it. At least I piled it together a bit so there are only four photos.

So here goes:

First up, three sheets from my favorite thrift for less than $7! I must be in a "blue phase" because I saw lots of nice sheets, but HAD to have these blue ones. The bottom one is a blue gingham from Martha Stewart. I don't know what I'll do with it, but you may see it sometime soon as part of an apron, quilt or tote bag. I absolutely love the middle one with the butterflies. I'm hoping to use it for a skirt or maybe a summer dress. I thought the top sheet with the fishes and wavy lines would be really cute for making kid size tote bags or drawstring backpacks.

Again with the blues....mostly for a quilt I have in mind, or maybe for something totally different. The bottom piece has a nice white floral pattern and I'm thinking skirt for that one. And I just had to have the piece with the cherries on it. Don't know what I'll do with that one either, but I'm wishing they had more of it. That's the only drawback of going to this particular shop. They sell flat fold fabric for $1.69 a yard and there are stacks and stacks and stacks of it. If you see something you like, you'd better pick it up because you probably won't be able to go back and find it again. Next time, I'll take my camera so you can see the loveliness of all that fabric.

And some more fabric for quilts I have in mind. I'd like to use the red as the center square in a log cabin quilt. And the two pieces on top are flannel that'll be baby quilts someday.

Finally, my favorite fabric from this haul.
This is a Robert Kaufman fabric and I couldn't believe that I found it in the cheapy flat fold section .I think it'll make some pretty darn cute barbecue aprons! Of course, I wish I'd bought more than two yards. Oh well, next time I'll be more prepared and hopefully have more than an hour to pilage the fabric stacks!

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jessi said...

Ha Ha! There it is - mine was actually a pillowcase - I'm jealous that you found an entire sheet!