Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'.....

Corny, I know but Crayon rolls are all I have to show for crafting recently. These are the first two I've made and each was a learning experience. Both were birthday gifts for friend's of Nathan.

The first one was for a girly-girl. I thought the roses and bright pink leopard print were a nice contrast. I used the tutorial from Skip To My Lou, which is a great tutorial, but because I used the Twistable Crayons, I should have made some size adjustments.

The second Crayon roll was for a boy, having a pirat party. I found fabric that looks like an old pirate map and used rope to tie it up. I made the size adjustments for the pockets, but am still not completely happy with how it turned out. Because of the way I sewed the pocket seams, the roll won't lay flat. So, the next one I make I'll cut the fabric bigger, start sewing the pockets from the middle one out and THEN cut it to the right length. Hopefully this will solve the "rolling" roll problem!

I do like the look of this one. And I wrapped it (along with a coloring book and story book) in brown craft paper and kitchen twine. It looked very piratey. (Sorry for the wonky photo angle. I didn't realize the roll was upside down until I tried to read some of the print on the fabric!)

My only other sewing has been to add lining to curtains for a friend's daughter. Not exactly creative, so I'll spare you any photos!

P.S. My sincere apologies to anyone who subscribes to bloglines for my blog. I didn't know that a message was sent every time a blog is "published". And being a bit (really) ditsy about blogger, I didn't know that I could use the "Compose" tab to compose and see what the post will actually look like! I've been writing my posts on the "Edit Html" tab, publishing, then going back to edit, then publishing again, until I was happy with the spacing and photo arrangement and everything. So, I'm sorry if this has been clogging up your email!


Lucy said...

I didn't realize that about bloglines either, so I'm a ditsy blogger too! I don't have a whole lot of subscribers but the one's I do have probably have seen 5 or 6 posts in one day..LOL

Cute crayon roll, I've never seen one for crayons before :)


Sarah and Jack said...

The crayon rolls look terrific. And you have to love those twistables crayons. No peeling off the paper! (Which Jack does endlessly.)

Rebecca said...

These are so cute! I'd really like to try to make a silverware roll for my "fancy" silverware. Don't laugh, it's gold and from Target. Okay laugh! :) But I only use it for special occassions and that right there makes it fancy, right?

Do you think I could modify this pattern for silver ware? Maybe add a flap to keep it from falling out? Remember, I'm a new sewer!


SuzyQSparkles said...

I like the creative take on the boy-themed project, even with the craft paper and twine wrapping! So cute!

For the silverware, I think I flap on top would be a great idea and very dooable. Just expand it to the size of your silverware... you might even use a lining fabric with a soft touch or maybe something you would use to polish silverware?

Suzy :D

Christina Marie said...

I typed in "how to sew a crayon roll" into my search engine, and this page was the VERY first one to come up in my search results. I saw "Mama Said Sew" and thought - hey! I know her! Going to check out the tutorial you used! thanks :)