Saturday, June 2, 2007

A pause in the crazyness

Ahhhhh....finally, a day with no committments and no list of things that HAD to be done. Yippee!!

I knew I was busy, busy, busy. And that I was burning the candle at both ends and at several places in between, but I didn't realize how exhausted and tense I've been until today. After cleaning up the disaster area that is my kitchen and paying bills which should have been mailed a good three days ago, I sat down. Yep, actually planted my behind on the couch. Not in front of the TV. Not in front of the computer. Not in the driver seat of the van. I sat on the couch and did nothing for a bit. I feel like I can breathe again. That said, on to photos....

A fabric flower for Nathan's dear preschool teacher.
Sincere apologies for the blurry photo. I've had my camera for a year and a half and still don't know what all those little symbols mean! Anyway, I wanted to give his teacher a corsage on graduation day and thought it'd be nice if it was something she could keep. Turned out pretty well and matched her outfit perfectly that day. Several people even thought the flower came with the blouse! Thanks to Blair at Wise Craft for the great tutorial!

And my big "Ta Da" for recent crafting:
A picnic blanket also made for Nathan's teacher. Her family is very outdoorsy and I thought this would be a nice thank you gift for all she's done. There was supposed to be a tote to put the blanket in, but I didn't finish the blanket until the very wee hours of the morning and at that time I just couldn't wrap my head around the measuements for a tote.

A close up. The fabric is Alexander Henry, Brave Law Enforcement.
Miss E LOVES fire engines. Her dream is to ride in the back of a hook and ladder truck one day.

Phew....almost caught up now on the recent crafty goings on around here. Nathan and I've been doing some kids crafts and I finished my first Crayon roll tonight. Might have photos of those tomorrow.


Lucy said...

Christy-so glad you've goten to take a break and relax for a bit. Life can spin out of control, can't it from time to time?!

I love your picnic blanket, it's adorable. Tell me, what makes a picnic blanket different than a regular blanket, is it size or is it something else. I'd love t make one someday.


Shara said...

I agree, thank heavens it's summer and no more obligations for awhile. Being a MOM keeps you busy all the time, of course! I just bought a little quilt at the thrift out of the 50¢ bin that I will be using as a picnic blanket too.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful blanket! I love the colors!