Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Isn't she lovely!!

Meet my new baby-

She's a Bernina Activa 220.

After some research and a lot of thought, I finally took the plunge and invested in a wonderful new sewing machine. Some of you may remember my story of a "new" machine a few posts back. Well, that really taught me to consider not just the machine, but the dealer/shop and the support they had to offer. Luckily my favorite local quilt shop, Strawberry Patches, is having a Bernina sale this week. They are the only place in town where the sales people know how to use the machines they sell AND that I could sit down at a machine and take a test drive. I tried it out the same day my Mom bought me the Singer previously, but I just wasn't ready to pay the price for a Bernina. So, with the sale price, birthday money from my Mom and my husband's encouragement, I brought home the machine I really wanted.

I've gotten her out of the box, set her up and started playing with all the fun stitches. My old Kenmore was a good basic machine with straight and zig zag stitches, but nothing decorative. Now, I've got some real beauties to choose from. The motor is very strong too. At top speed, it shakes my kitchen table like you wouldn't believe! Hopefully, when I eventually get a sewing/crafting area set up, I'll have a good strong table to set it up on. So, stay tuned to see what fun I can create with this beauty!

And now, a project nearly finished:
Front side of "Watermelon Picnic Blanket".

Back side. Doesn't it look like a huge slice of watermelon?

I made myself finish this on my old machine before taking the Bernina out of the box. I figured that I might be a little distracted by all the fun new stuff on the Bernina and might not finish this. Don't pay any attention to all the miscellaneous threads all over it. Or the raggedy looking edge. I sewed the top and back together with the seams out, in the hopes that it'll fray when I wash it and have a casual sort of look. I also plan to make a quick tote bag for carrying the picnic blanket. Together, they'll be donated for a fundraising raffle conducted by my mom's group.

That's about it for now. Off to play some more! :)


Rebecca said...

Christy, um . . . congrats! You lucky dog. And that picnic blanket is so cute. And why don't I sew?? Totally cute. :)

em said...

My MIL bought a Bernina (in Switzerland) 45 years ago and traded it in for a new one a few years ago or so and got more for her trade in than she paid for it. Your machine should hold its value for a long time! Congrats!

Sarah and Jack said...