Friday, April 27, 2007

Tagged for a meme...What I need

Lucy of Sweet Repeats tagged me for an interesting meme. It's about what I need.

Here's what you do: go to Google and type your name and needs in quotes. (i.e. "Christy needs"). Then you list the silliest lines and respond to them.

The first one I got was another blogger doing the same meme. I didn't want to have all the same lines, so I went back a few pages on Google and chose some fun ones.

Here goes:
Christy needs to take a picture of her new socks” – Um…I don’t have new socks, but according to my son I needs some. Apparently there are holes in the pair I was wearing yesterday.

Christy needs to blog” – Yes I do. And aren’t you glad that I do?

Christy needs to feel loved” – Don’t we all need to feel loved?

Of course, Christy needs to lose some weight” – Of course?!?!? This isn’t news to me, I just didn’t think I’d see this on the World Wide Web! (This line and the one above are both from Dr. Phil)

Christy needs you to think about a few things, then act upon them” – I like this one! How about thinking “Green”? If you Google “going green”, there are lots of ideas on what little (and big) things you can do to help the environment.

Christy needs a new pair of shoes” – Well, if I must!! (No really, twist my arm.)

Even Christy needs time to slow down and relax” – Oh yes, please!

Christy needs to breed, breed, breed, breed” – Huh? I really don’t think so.

Christy needs some big hugs” – Hugs are always welcome….big, little and virtual!

Christy needs coffee” – Not really, especially this time of night. Besides, I’m a Diet Coke drinker, not coffee thank you.

Christy needs to take her opinions elsewhere” – Well, no, I don’t. This is my blog, so I’ll keep my opinions here!

Now, who to tag?....
Laura, Sarah and anyone else who reads this and wants to join in.

Have a great weekend!


LLA said...

hee hee hee - this is a cute one. However, it would appear (according to the internets) that "Laura Lancaster" doesn't need anything!

The google search came up blank...

Which makes for a very boring meme for me - but is kind of gratifying to the that the universe doesn't think I need much... :)

Lucy said...

..laura..don't use your last name, and you'll find plenty of silly things that you never new you needed!

Christy..very cute, the Christy needs to breed, breed , breed, had me laughing!! Here's your {{{hugs}}} that you need! Thanks for playing along!

LLA said...

Sadly, "Laura Lancaster" is a first name...


cruel parents. what's a girl to do???


Rebecca said...

LOL these are so funny to me! I'm like a 12 year old. :)

Christy said...

Hey this is another Christy attempting to do the same meme.

Christy is a sheep. Bahhh. :)