Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I have returned to Blogland!

Yes, I've found my way back! I have been reading other blogs, but just haven't had the time or inclination to post myself. I've seen some great projects out there, which, of course adds to my list of projects to attempt some time in the future. I haven't been crafting much lately due to lack of time. We had a wonderful visit from my Mother-In-Law last month. We got to spend a lot of family time together and had a few day trips that were lots of fun. She's back home in the UK now and we're getting back to our normal routine. (Well, it's sort of normal.)

I have made time for a bit of thirfting. Mostly books, which I need like I need a hole in my head! But, I just can't help myself. Even if I never get around to reading them all, I love to have books around me.

I hit the Goodwill Clearance Center again today and was in time for the daily auction. There really wasn't much that I was interested in. I did pick up this large bowl of miscellaneous sewing stuff for $2. It's mostly vintage seam binding, trim and rick rack. Hey, maybe I'll do an apron this month for Tie One On! The theme for March/April is Rick Rack and who doesn't need an apron trimmed with Gold Lame' rick rack?

No idea what I'm going to do with it all. Anyone need vintage seam binding? I'm the girl to call!

On a slightly more sane note, I also got this cute pasta bowl for $1. Can't wait to make a big batch of yummy pasta to put in it!


Lucy said...

OOOOOO lucky you on the sewing rick rack pack :) Great deal. You SHOULD make a cool spring rick rack apron, what the heck!

I love the bowl, too. I'm a sucker for bowls, pie plates, and serving platters. As if I'm little Miss Martha or something!

Good luck on your projects. I find it hard to create sometimes to with all that goes on around me (especially lately), but I'm determined if nothing else, to dedicate a few hours at least once a week to crafting. I do better when I have a routine or at least a commitment to myself.

Have a good week!


oliveoyl64 said...

Hey Christy, I found your blog through Shara's. I have family in Chatanooga too.

I don't blog much on my site, but I enjoyed yours. I will add a link.


Sarah and Jack said...

Make a fabric bunting with some of that seam binding. (I never seem to have enough of that stuff, lol!) Make smocks and trim the edges (that requires at least 2 packages).