Monday, February 19, 2007

Pink & Brown Swap Package

I received my Pink & Brown Swap package from the very generous Shara last Tuesday. I do apologize Shara, for not posting these photos sooner. I've been preparing for my MIL to visit and have had to prioritize, which meant neglecting my blog a bit. Anyway, my P&B package was incredible!! Starting with the wrapping, which was cleverly decorated with pink and brown die cuts. Sorry, no photos of the package since I was in too much of a hurry to get the box open!

A beautifully decorated album, fabric, brown gingham napkins, pink napkins, darling brown hanging heart with "Sugar Pie" on it, pink cherry plate from Portugal and gorgeous ribbon covered box that is brimming with craft supplies!

A Cherry Blossom paintint (I love Cherry Blossoms!) and a peek inside the box.

All of this (and more) was inside the round ribbon box. Can you believe all the goodies here? Can't wait to add all those buttons to my button jar!

I think I've got everything in the photos. If it's not in the photos Shara, it'b already been used! Oh and I used the gingham napkin the first night my MIL was here and had to make them pretty again for the photos.

Thanks Shara for making my first swap so much fun!


Lucy said...

Wow, everything is just precious! And look at all the craft goodies! I'm thrilled that your first swap was a great experience for you. Hope you join in again soon!


Shara said...

Christy - I've taken photos of my goodies from you and will get them blogged very soon. I've got too much cootie infested stuff around here to bleach and wash. Then I'll blog again....PS. Glad you liked everything!

Rebecca said...

Great package! I'm so glad you enjoyed your very first swap. You certainly had a partner with a knack for it! Love that cherry plate! :)