Friday, December 22, 2006

A Good Day at Goodwill

Amazingly, I'm almost ready for Christmas. Just need to wrap Nathan's gifts, which seem to have multiplied in the closet when I wasn't looking. I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed now. It does help that I sent e-Christmas cards and refused to do any Christmas baking. The Christmas Puddings were done a few weeks ago, so they don't count.

In the midst of my calm afternoon, I bribed Nathan into shopping at Goodwill. The bribe was he got to go into Toys R Us. It was crazy in there and I can only imagine what it'll be like this weekend. Anyway, onto Goodwill......

All of their Christmas decorations were marked down to 50% off, so I got this cute Christmas Tree candle holder for .88!!

I loved the green glass jar on site and immediately knew I had to have it for my growing assortment of buttons. A steal at .75.

Finally, a cute leather handbag by Relic. It's got that tooled Paisley sort of design and.....there was a matching wallet inside! Quite a score at $2.75. I just haven't decided if I need to keep it or if I'll sell it on eBay. Maybe I'll just let it live in my closet for a bit.

Hubby returned home tonight after a long two week trip, so I'll cut this short and go enjoy a little quality couple time!

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Rebecca said...

Love that Christmas Tree candle holder. And since you'll pack it away until next Christmas it will be like something new all over again in December!