Thursday, November 8, 2012

My little techie

I just realized that I haven't posted any Halloween pictures yet.

Nathan, being 10, is very into technology these days. He has quite a few techie gadgets of his own and "borrows" one of our smartphones or iPad once in a while.

So, I wasn't really surprised when he said he wanted to be an iPod for Halloween.

Not the he wanted an iPod, but that he wanted to be an iPod.

The idea was Nathan's. The making of the costume was very much a family effort.

I found instructions for making an iPod costume using a black tee shirt and iron on transfers to make the app icons, but that wasn't authentic enough for this kid. It had to really look like an iPod. So we included as much detail as we could.....real app icons copied and printed from the internet, a "home button" and a hot bar at the bottom.

We even managed to make an Apple for the back!

He was a huge hit where ever he went. Lots of people stopped him to "try an app" or comment on what a great costume it was. He stretched out the use of this costume by wearing it to the school carnival, trick or treating and during Red Ribbon week for superhero day. We added a black cape for the last one.

His superhero?

He was iPod Man, of course!

The power of Apple!


Jamie Lee said...

That's the coolest costume I've ever seen! I will have to show my husband this. It would make him wish he had a son (not that a girl couldn't be an iPod, but they were fairies, witches, etc.).


jillytacy said...

He's getting so big, I can't believe he's ten! The costume is awesome! I recognize some duck tape usage there too. Duck tape has been my daughter's new favorite craft.