Friday, August 5, 2011

Finished! Easy As Pie Quilt

I'm slowly working through my pile of UFO's, and actually making some progress.

At the beginning of July, I finished this quilt:

I used Crazy Mom Quilts' Easy As Pie quilt pattern. And actually, I think it was easier to make this quilt than to make a pie. (Except for the one fabric that was directional and kept ending up upside down!)

I used a thrifted Tommy Hilfiger sheet for the backing. The colors were perfect and I think the Hawaiian print makes it feel a little more casual.

The finished quilt measures approximately 58"x70".

I donated this quilt to the local hospice group that I volunteer for. They are raffling it off to raise funds for the volunteer department's crafting supplies. They often have school and church groups that volunteer their time to make greeting cards and door hangers for patients on hospice.

I have another quilt finished, but no photos yet. Soon, I hope.


amandajean said...

What a wonderful donation! I love the colors you chose...and the backing is perfect. Congrats on a beautiful finish! (finishing is something I need to get back into doing. And soon!)

jillytacy said...

Your quilt turned out great! it's wonderful that you were able to donate it and that it will raise donations for Hosipce.