Saturday, April 9, 2011

On trial

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1 close up

Exhibit 2



jillytacy said...

Oh no, that's naughty but how could you stay made at that sweet little face?!!! He's too cute!
He's still a puppy right? My in-laws gave their puppies ice cubes to chew when they were teething it cut down on the need to chew. And when their dog became an adult dog she'd come running every time she heard someone getting ice.

Jane said...

I can relate. We had a cat, yes a cat, who chewed *everything*. I think she was the runt and weened too soon. We were always surprised that she never electrocuted herself (or us!)with the cords she chewed. The most embarrassing thing she chewed was the foam tire on the exercise bike. Made it *very* clear that we never used the thing. LOL

No matter what, that sweet face was acquitted.

Nicole said...

Bad doggy! (but oh so cute! You won't be mad for long.)