Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Improv Quilting

At our guild meeting last week, we learned about Improv Quilting. Well, maybe "learned" is the wrong word. It seems like a bit of an oximoron to "learn" about something that is supposed to be done in an off-handed way.

Anyway, we talked about Improv Quilting and then got to play with scraps on design boards. It as really fun seeing how other quilters arranged their scraps. Our group had the bag of pink scraps and we all got to take some home with us. (Thanks Terri!)

Here's what I did with mine:

For anyone who knows me, you know that I don't do random. Improv is a little difficult for me. And I will admit that this block wasn't completely off the cuff. There was a little thinking involved.

I've also started working on a crazy quilt. Again, I just can't let it all be random, so I decided I'd work primarily with my pink scraps to create my blocks.

Crazy Quilt block 1

Crazy Quilt block 2

At first I didn't like these blocks at all, but I think I'm warming up to them. I'm going to make at least 6 blocks to see how I feel about this kind of quilt making before I throw in the towel.


Jane said...

Keep going! Keep going! I love those crazy quilt blocks!

grendelskin said...

It's going great so far, keep it up!

Terri said...

PERFECTION!! Improv was hard for me as well, so I feel your pain. Once you get the hang of it, it's like a feeling that you get. It makes you want to just create new quilts all the time. It's my new way of being spontaneous when I should be responsible if that makes any sense.

thank you for sharing And you did such a great job!! Can't wait to see then at our next guild meeting!

jillytacy said...

They look great so I hope you;ll do more! I understand about now doing random. I like things to be symmetrical when I craft. Of course I think very few things in life are truly symmetrical.

Pam Gavin said...

Your improv blocks in pink are stink'n cute. I've been challenge too to try, and I am struggling but the more I read and see other's projects, the more I like it. Your blocks are so fun.