Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Take a look at my new Wellies...

I've been hinting (not so subtly) for a while that I needed some Wellies. Pink, size 6, to be exact. My sweet hubby bought these for me for Valentine's Day, but couldn't wait any longer to give them to me. Good thing, since it's been raining and we worked in our garden today.

So far, we've dug manure and fertilezer into two plots. And put in two tomato plants (Early Girl and Bonnie Original varieties). I think I need one more to fill in this plot.

Nathan had a ball digging in the dirt. I just kept telling myself...."He's a seven year old boy. Boys play in the dirt. He IS having a bath tonight!"


MissBillie said...

those are very cute! and it looks like Nathan is LOVING it!! lol

LBP said...

Ohhhh, love those pink wellies! I just bought a pair of brown and pink and absolutely love them!



jillytacy said...

He's growing up fast!