Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's done! It's done!

Way back in September, I was asked to make a Memory Quilt for a gal from the hospice group that I volunteer with. She lost both of her parents last year and wanted a keepsake which included some of their clothing.

Her parents had very differnt clothing styles and I struggled to find a way to put them together. After several variations on paper and my design wall, this is what we came up with.

Hubby was great at helping with color selection and arranging. I originally started with a solid 8" square of each fabric. It was his idea to combine the fabrics in strips and triangles, so it looked more cohesive.

The back includes a few pieces that I couldn't work into the quilt top.

I'm so glad I've finished this quilt. It's been quite challenging. In addition to the normal rigors of quilt making, I've been worried about whether or not it's what she wanted. Whether she'll like it. When I make something for someone else, I always worry that what I produce won't be what they had pictured in their head.

Anyway, I'll be delivering it shortly and I guess we'll see how she likes it.


Jane said...

I love it! Kudos to your hubby for the idea of making the triangles. Very cool. Somehow you managed to really tie together some very diverse patterns. Love the back too.

LBP said...

I love the color combinations! Wow! Great Job~