Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm not afraid of beige...

Just before Nathan was born, we moved into a new house and purchased some new furniture. A living room set and a dining room set. The green and cream living room set looked like it would hold up well to the rigors of family life. So did the dining room set. The glass table top would be easy to clean and the light colored chair cushions.......well, not so easy to clean.

After nearly seven years, those cushions show the evidence of a child who likes to paint, do playdoh and drink chocolate milk.

Not to worry......

I have thrifted IKEA couch slipcovers and all the neccessary tools.

A few hours later....we have nice, new (beige) chair cushions!

Now, I just need to find that can of Scotchguard.

(And the living room set...that's a story for another post.)

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jillytacy said...

Looks great and you didn't have to buy new chairs. Scotchguard does help. We have similar spills and marks on our table and living room furniture.