Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking in the new mixer

I had planned to make Banana Bread this afternoon, but my assistant had other ideas.

Nathan wanted to make Lemon Cupcakes.

So, we made Lemon Cupcakes.

Look at it go!

Choosing just the right colors for the liners.

Learning to use kitchen tools.

Sampling the batter. After filling all the liners, of course.

Happy bakers.

The cupcakes turned out very well. No final photo because they've been bagged and put away already. Nathan did have one tonight and assures me they are yummy!

I also made my first batch of homemade granola today.

I followed Kelli's recipe, without the coconut. Because I forgot to get the coconut when I was at the store. Those things happen when I shop without a list!

It is easy to make and tastes great! And the recipe makes quite a bit....about 3 1/2 quarts! Hubby created his own trail mix with some granola, dark chocolate M&Ms and mixed nuts. He says it was the perfect snack.

And I did make the Banana Bread too. It's fresh out of the oven and cooling on the counter. Can't wait for breakfast!


MissBillie said...

HOLY COW!!! You have been busy!! Your assistant is a cutie pie!!!! It all looks so yummy!!

Jane said...

Wowzers! I am hungry now! Everything looks awesome. Wish I could pop in for breakfast at your house!

Yard Sale Princess said...

I am on my way...save me some banana bread and a cupcake!

Yard Sale Princess said...

hey Christy! Can you scootch on over to my blog and give me some advice on my latest post? Please, you are so clever, I know you can help!