Thursday, January 8, 2009

A nice apron and an oops

I've been waiting for some sunshine to photograph some of my latest sewing endeavors. Unfortunately, Mr. Sunshine hasn't visited these parts in quite a while.

So, I finally gave up and had to settle for indoor photos. Sorry they're not better.

Before Christmas, my Mother-in-Law asked me to make an apron for her. Nothing fancy, just something that'll do the job and not have to be ironed. I made this reversible apron from two fabrics in my stash. I altered the original pattern slightly to incorporate a set of D-hooks on the neck strap.

And my first attempt at drafting a pattern and making a hoodie for Nathan. I've joined Finny & Donk's Sew Along 2009. The first sewing project is the How To: Men's Hoodie from Craft.

Obviously, I didn't do so well drafting the hood.

My husband is certain that I can't complete a sewing project without ripping out at least one seam! I don't have enough fleece to "fix" this hood, so I will have to go to JoAnn's tomorrow and hope they have more.

Wish me luck on the next hood! :)


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your hoodie! I am going to make the cookies! I am such chicken!

LBP said...

I like your hoodie and apron! Grandma always said " You shall rip what you sew" LOL



Sarah and Jack said...

LOL that is what a hood made by me would like too!