Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(Little) Men's Hoodie

I attempted to remake the hood of Nathan's hoodie. You may remember that the previous hood was too small and made him look bit turtle-ish.

The original hood. Obviously, way too small.

The remade hood. It might be a little too big this time, but Nathan doesn't seem to mind.

Modeling his new hoodie. Goofy grin and all.

Showing off the lining and fancy stitiching on the hood.

This means I've actually complete, and am fairly happy with, the first project for Finny & Donk's Sew-along 2009.

You can check out the other participant's projects in this Flickr group.


MissBillie said...


LBP said...

I'm not sure which is cuter, the hoodie or the little boy! They are both adorable.



Christina Marie said...

It looks sooooooooo good!!!! Nice!

jillytacy said...

He looks cute! He looks happy with his new hoodie. He's lucky to have a mom who can make things for him.