Monday, January 14, 2008

Virtual Thrifting

Today's the day!

Cindy, of Cindy Is Crafty, is hosting a Virtual Thrift Shopping day. And let me tell you, for me, this is the perfect day for doing things virtually.

At 10:00 am, here in "sunny" California, it looked like this:

It is f.o.g.g.y.! Tule Fog is thick and wet. And causes all kinds of trouble. Including school fog delays. Yep, 3 hour school delays, if they have school at all today. That was definitely not in my plans. Oh well, we are safe and warm at home for now.

On to my recent thrifting finds:

(Sorry for the indoor photography. It's the weather, you know.)

Buttons (carded and loose), vintage zipper, vintage "Rim-it" buttons

Kid's Room magazine (Nathan's got to outgrow his Thomas room at some point, right?), kids craft activity book, Christmas craft book, gardening book, cute vintage (?) postcard, and a newish vintage looking Christmas tin

A full case of brand new, quart size Ball jar. They'll either be used for canning veg from the garden I hope to put in this spring, or be filled with yummy snach mixes to give as gifts.

An unfinished, handmade table runner. A few of the seams are coming apart and it's missing a tassle at one end. It's a bit short for my table, so I think I'll make it into a set of Fall napkins.

More fabric. The yellow furry piece isn't very wide, but should be enough for a ducky stuffie or two.

And favorite recent find. A pile of scraps. Someone had obviously started on a quilt and not gotten very far before giving all the bits away. Most of these are 2" strips of varying lengths. There are some gorgeous fabrics. I have hopes of using these for a Mile-a-Minute quilt.

That's it for me. What treasures have you found lately?

Now, head over to Cindy's to check out the list of links to other Virtual Thrifting posts.


Sarah and Jack said...

Haha, while I doubt he will go to college with Thomas bedsheets, I have seen 10 year old boys playing with the stuff at the toy store. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like my house with all that fog!! You stocked up on those mason jars! dont you love them so many things to be done with them! great finds!


Mrs. G. said...

What a beautiful photo. You scored some good stuff.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Fog delays, that is a new one. Then again if it is soupish that is better to stay home.

Wow, a box of ball jars unopened. That is a real find. I love the flowery fabric, too, and the big bold colors.

Did you hit the bins or other places, too? I am also glad that you are building up the Thanksgiving decorating stash.

Thanks for playing, give Nathan a hug for me and join him in a cookie or two or three!

Lucy said...

After hearing of that major pile up with smog/fog it definitely is better to ere on the side of safety!!

You've picked up some great bargains--I love the bright yellow flower fabric--way cool. What's a mile a minute quilt? Sounds interesting!

For me--I have not gone thrifting in 2 months or more. I know--I'm jonesing big time! LOL

Laurie said...

Surely that fabric didn't come all nicely pressed like that? I would have raced you to that bin!

Karyn said...

Look at all those treasures!! I've had zero luck thrifting lately, I'm jealous :)

Julie said...

Oh, all my boys ages 1 to almost 14 play with the Thomas trains at times. It's funny to see a group of teenagers taking out all the tracks to create a layout "for the little boys." LOL

What great finds!I can think a gajillion things to do with those jars. I'll be posting my finds later today. I spent way too much money on Saturday but I deserved it -- dh had been gone on a business trip for a week, lol.

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