Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nothing too exciting...

Just a shopping bag for my Grandpa. I actually made two for him, but I could only hang one of them from the nubby bit on the tree. The other one is identical to this one. I hope he doesn't mind my fabric choice. It is really the most masculine thing I could find in my stash.

Oh well, at least it's a finished project! Now on to some shopping bags for my Mom.


Mrs. G. said...

I love that you are helping grandpa go green. Good work!

Karyn said...

I think he will love them, they are very manly :)

Yard Sale Princess said...

I just wanted to share with you that the cookie tray was a hit with the family on Christmas, even in its non traditional PINK. I get lots of compliments on my lovely pillow case tote also. I also wanted to share that I just ventured out and started my own blog. It isn't much yet but I have high hopes. Come by for a visit and leave me a comment.
Take care and Happy 2008!
Le Anne
yardsale Princess

jessi said...

I'm sure he'll love them!