Sunday, November 4, 2007


Tonight, we took Nathan and one of his friends to see some Monster Trucks in action.

It was a learning experience.

We learned that if you want one of the free toy trucks they're giving away, you have to be there when the gates open.

We learned that you should eat before you go and bring extra bottled drinks. Or be prepared to stand in really l.....o.....n.....g lines.

We learned that the line for the ladies room at these events is generally shorter than the line for the gents. (Yippee!!)

We learned that, after an hour, Nathan loses interest in watching big trucks drive over crushed cars and hills of dirt.


pump 'em full of candy....

and we're good to go!!

Nathan's friend is spending the night, which makes this Nathan's first sleep over. They actually quieted down quickly, considering the large amount of Dr. Pepper that was consumed tonight.

All in all, it's been a great evening.

How was your Saturday night?

1 comment:

Sarah and Jack said...

So, do you think 5 was a good age for that then?

Jack is in love, love with Monster trucks. (He wants to hang Grave Digger on my Christmas tree! LOL) I think it will be super loud and scary.