Thursday, November 1, 2007

A little thrifting

On Monday, I had nothing in particular that had to be done. It seemed like such a long time since I'd had a day with no committments that I wasn't sure what to do with myself.

So, like any self respecting thrifter, I went thrifting!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas issues of Country Living; Quilting magazine; Sheet Music Magazine (Gershwin) for paper crafting; a Christmas craft booklet; and a kids birthday cake book.

Some vintage patterns. All uncut. I thought the men's shirt pattern was unusual since I rarely see patterns for mens clothing at the thrifts. It even has a pattern for the embroidery!

A travel Scrabble board in a zippered case. It's missing the pieces, but I happen to have thrifted a complete travel Scrabble game (not in a case) a few months ago. Also some ribbon; star garland; beautiful silky pillowcase; and a super soft Merino wool sweater from Ann K lein. I bought the sweater to felt and make something with, but it's so lovely and soft that I don't know if I can bring myself to felt it yet. Too bad it's a size or so too small for me to wear.

And an Irish Blessing tea towel apron, which needs a good washing and ironing.

Now that all the Halloween madness is over, I hope to get on with some sewing and other crafting. If you've got a minute, go check out the very creative scarves that my Swap Sister Cindy is making. They're beautiful!


Karyn said...

Awesome finds! I'm a little bit jealous because I've had NO luck at all thrifting lately.

African Kelli said...

Awesome. I love that apron!

Lucy said...

Great haul thrifting--cool beans on all the great magazines! I finally went thrifting this weekend after a month or so hiatus..LOL.

Julie said...

Great deals. I love to see what other people are drawn to at thrift stores.