Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

An evening of family fun....Pumpkin Carving!

We started with all of the neccessary equipment, including a plastic tablecloth for quick, easy cleanup.

Hubby getting into the spirit of things. Yes, he's wearing gloves to clean out his pumpkin. Something about the insides feeling yucky.

That's me, cleaning out Nathan's pumpkin. Again, something about it being yucky. Look at the "ewwww" expression. (Like father, like son!)

And he didn't want to eat any of it either! : p

This is manly pumpkin carving. Power tools MUST be involved. That's a 19.2 volt cordless drill. Really, what else would you use to give your jack-o-lantern round eyes?

Ta da! The picture isn't great, but it's hard to get anything better.

We had a great time tonight carving these together. Afterwards, hubby fired up the new barbeque and grilled up some tasty carne asada.

Definitely a wonderful family evening!


Karyn said...

Only a man would use a power drill to carve a pumpkin! They do look great though :)

Vallen said...

Maybe if I could use power tools I wouldn't mind carving pumpkins. Do you think there is a power tool that would take all the guts out - maybe a shop vac. Hey, I'm ready for next year.

Dana said...

tis the season for . . . pumpkin carving. looks like you had a great time.

Julie said...

More ideas for my oldest son. He loves power tools, lol.