Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cupcake Apron

A little craftiness that happened this week:

A "baking apron" made from an Alexander Henry fabric with an added appliqued and beaded cupcake.

Cupcake closeup:

Nathan's school carnival is next week and they'll be raffling off baskets, put together by the room moms of each grade level. The Kindergarten moms decided on a basket of baking goods (measuring cups, cake pans, spatulas, etc.), so I thought aprons were appropriate. I made a mom size apron (in the photos) and a kid size apron. I added the appliqued/beaded cupcake to the adult apron. It was my first attempt at adding beads to anything and it was a bit of a struggle, but I persevered and I think it came out okay. And it looks a lot like the cupcakes on the fabric.

The striped fabric that I used for the bottom part of the cupcake came from my dear friend Dinah. And since the apron was something for Nathan's school, I asked his opinion. His criticism: "Mommy, your cupcake has too many stripes on it. This one (pointing at the fabric) doesn't have any green on it. You need to take it off."

Sure honey, I'll get right on that!


Karyn said...

That's adorable!

Sarah and Jack said...

Cute cute cute. (Both apron and kidlet.)

jessi said...

kids say the funniest things! I think the apron is perfectly adorable!

Mary Beth said...

Very cool apron. I love the applique.