Saturday, September 8, 2007

Soft and Cuddly

I am really trying to find my motivation and get some sewing/crafting done. I've got ideas, lots of them, and I've even got fabric to complete some of them. What I'm lacking seems to be time and motivation.

That expains why I was still in my PJs, finishing this little baby blanket, with less than an hour to go before the baby shower started! I had just enough time to run a brush through my hair, throw on some clothes, snap a photo, grab a card and wrapping essentials and head out the door. (And yes, that tree is one of my favorite current photo spots.)

I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, but the mommy-to-be and the other guests ooohed and ahhhed over it. I got several, "You sew?" comments. Yes, I sew. The dark blue fabric is flannel and the white is Soft & Comfy (ribbed), both from Joann's. The light blue is Minky from my local quilt shop.

Onto other projects in the works.....another baby blanket (to go with the blocks from this post) and a set of napkins and napkin rings for a Christmas gift. I know it's only September, but if I start now, they might actually be done in time for Christmas THIS year!

What projects are you working on?


carolyn said...

I like the contrasting colors and I'm sure it will become "Blankie"!

Lucy said...

Awww--I love the blanket, very nice! Well, from being unmotivated you sure did get a big project done so give yourself more credit than you do!!

jessi said...

I love the X in the dark blue on the blanket.

I'm also starting to think about Christmas gifts. I'm with you - if I get on it now, it might actually get done by Christmas:)!

Dana said...

What a great color combo on that quilt. Your soo crafty!

Dinah said...

The blanket turned out so pretty! And I agree with you...I think I'll start a Christmas gift today..and I'll finish it at 11 p.m. Christmas Eve - IF I'm lucky! LOL. (I have that disease too.)