Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome To The Jungle....

The Tomato Jungle.

Would you believe that overgrown mass is only two tomato plants? I decided that one Cherry Tomato and one Yellow Pear Tomato plant would be plenty for us this year. The plants have grown to be over 6 feet tall now and are blocking the walkway to the garage....

Turns out that I am the only one who's actually eating the tomatoes, which is good because there hasn't been a lot of fruit from these over zealous plants. Oh, Nathan likes to pick tomatoes and put them in the fridge, but he won't eat them anymore. He is the strangest kid sometimes. Just a few months ago, while in the produce department of the grocery store, he asked if he could have some grape tomatoes. He didn't mean that he wanted to take them home. He meant he wanted to sit in the cart and eat them now! Such a funny kiddo.

I've done well on my sewing today. I was having trouble sleeping last night and kept thinking about an idea for some soft baby blocks. I was going to a baby shower at noon today and really wanted something handmade in addition to the store-bought sleepers and softie. So, I got up in the middle of the night and made this set of soft blocks. They're made of flannel, stuffed with polyfil and each one has a jingle bell tucked safely inside. I'm fairly pleased with them, but I think next time I'll make them smaller and use more modern fabrics, rather than these very "babyish" pastel flannels.

They were a hit at the shower. It's nice to have the validation that what you create is something attractive and appreciated.

I also finished Nathan's quilt tonight. (Looks pretty much the same as in my last post.) I had intended to handstitch the binding to the back, but I handstitching is very slow and not very pretty. I made the executive decision to machine stitich it, using the same stitch as the quilting. It was finished in about half an hour and is now happily tumbling in the dryer. Handmade by Mommy, freshly laundered and ready for the first day of school!

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