Saturday, September 1, 2007

A little crafty

Yes, I finally managed to squeeze in a little craft time. Of course, I've had the idea and fabric for this apron for well over a month. And I left it until the last few days to put it all together.

I made this for a dear friend who is moving. She's not going far, only about 100 miles, but I wanted to make her a little something. She has read my blog and commented specifically about wanting an apron for herself and a crayon roll for her daughter. So, I obliged and presented her with both.

The apron is reversible, but I forgot to take a photo of the back. That's okay, the front is prettier anyway. It's an Alexander Henry fabric called Happy Kiku (I think). To make the pockets, I cut out two of the flowers and trimmed them with black bias tape. I'm very happy with how they turned out. The colors on the photo aren't quite right though. The red is actually more of a brick red, which makes the black trim blend a little more.

The crayon roll that I made for her daughter was very similar to the one in this post. I used the same fabrics, but put the rick rack across the middle rather than around the outside. I couldn't find my fusible fleece, so I put a layer of cotton batting in. I'm sure it would help me to find things if I didnt' have sewing/craft stuff in half a dozen different places! Oh well, I'll get organized someday.

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend! :)


Lucy said...

Cute apron! I'm sure your friend is going to love it :) I'm guilty of the Supply Spread---LOL--it's getting into just about every corner of the house!!

Dana said...

GREAT apron!

Mary Beth said...

Very cute apron--your friend is very lucky!

Dinah said...

What a pretty apron. I know she will be tickled and her daughter will be too.
And I FULLY understand about not being able to find the fleece. I can't even get into THAT conversation! There's not time.