Monday, August 20, 2007

Success - Kindergarten Day 1

I'm sure you all want to know how the rest of Nathan's first day of Kindergarten went, so I'm going to tell you! (Yes, this means two posts in one day.)

He came out of his classroom, ran to me and gave me a HUGE hug.

Then he said, "Mommy, I didn't miss you at all today!".

Hmmmm, not sure I like that.

I think it was a bit of reassurance for me that he made it through the day on his own. I also think he said it to boost his own confidence that he's a big boy and can handle Kindergarten.

Anyway, this is the happy face he had on when we got to the van.

They started on these coloring pages when they found their desks this morning.

I know that as his Mother, I'm biased, but look at how well he did. I am so impressed by his coloring inside the lines! This isn't even something we've been practicing.

The only thing I question about his summary of the day is him telling me that he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow because different kids will be there. In preschool, he only went three days a week, so maybe he's remembering that. We put a calendar up in his room this afternoon with school days in yellow and weekends in blue. He looked a little dejected at how many yellow days there are! C'est la vie, little man!


Karyn said...

I think it's cute that he "didn't miss you"!

I don't blame him for not liking all the yellow days. There is NOT enough blue ones!!!

Mary Beth said...

I totally relate to that whole lack of balance between yellow days and blue days!

Lucy said... agree with Mary Beth!!

I'm so glad he did so well, and wooow on his coloring! That's great. Josh took forever to grasp the concept of coloring imbetween the lines.

My baby is going into 2nd grade this next week and my oldest into 8th grade--where does the time go???


Raesha D said...

He is so cute!! AND my awesome package arrived!! I love it:) Those bags are awesome - I've already gone to the website so I can make some too - where did you find the link to print out the tag?? I couldn't find that. And Miss S was SO excited that you sent one for her too:) They are sitting patiently on my desk to be photographed so I can blog about them:) Thanks so much!!!