Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The good and the not so good - Kindergarten Day 2

It's been an interesting day on the Kindergarten front.

Nathan got himself dress without too much nagging, but still didn't want any breakfast again today. We went to school and walked to the quad together. I tried standing a bit away from him during the flag ceremony and while walking to the classroom. He got about half way across the room before realizing I wasn't walking with him anymore. He came right back out, crying, and grabbed my arm. I went in to help him with his backpack and then handed him over to his teacher.

I didn't look back as I headed out the door. It felt awful....

But this afternoon, he was very enthusiastic. And again told me that he didn't miss me. I think that must be his way of expressing how relieved he is that I showed up to get him. (In situations where he's uncomfortable, he usually whispers that I'm crazy or that I'm the best. Either way, I know that he's under a little stress and not sure how to handle it.)

Tomorrow I'm going to walk him to the quad and leave before the flag ceremony. I'm hoping the distraction of the other students, teachers and principal giving her morning announcements will help ease my departuture.

This photo has almost nothing to do with this post, other than it's a photo of Nathan and this post is about Nathan.

It's one of my favorite photos and I thought I'd share it with you.

This was shortly before his fourth birthday. Just look at him...relaxing on the porch, drink in one hand, telephone in the other. Quite a grown up pose!


Sarah and Jack said...

I had to chuckle at the you are crazy bit. LOL

Hopefully since this is day 3 it will start to be smooth sailing.

Randi said...

He is so cute! Both of you will get used to this after a while, just give it a little time.