Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh boy - Kindergarten Day 4

I know that you all don't want to hear about Nathan's activities every day at Kindergarten, so I'm only going to post for this first week. And then, of course, whenever something spectacular happens.

His separation anxiety was bound to get worse before it gets better and he proved that theory this morning. He was upset about going to school before he was even dressed!

We talked about why he didn't want to go to school and he told me it's because some things are hard and he misses me all day long. (Aww, my little sweet pea!)I tried to reassure him that the hard things will get easier with practice and that it's okay to miss Mommy, because Mommy misses him too.

Of course we had tears again. He wouldn't put his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance - he'd have to let go of me to do that! And the death grip he had on my shirt as his teacher tried to maneuver him into the classroom was amazing. He was grasping at any part of me that he could.

I did stay to peek in the window this time. I expected to see him in a sobbing lump on the floor. In the 10 seconds or so that it took me to walk away from the door and walk back, he'd crossed the room and was waiting with the other kids to sign his name on the roll sheet.

Every day, I've been asking him what he did in school. What he learned. Who he played with and sat by. Every day his answer has been "I don't remember" or "I don't know". But today, he actually gave me details! He explained how they do stations and what activities are at each station. He even got to be the leader for his table. :) Yes, I am a proud Mama!


Dana said...

I told you he was just putting on a brave face! I knew he missed you! Of course he did! He has spent everyday of his life with you!! Maybe you could send a picture of you in his backpack. Something special only he would know about. Or, maybe a cool necklace that he could wear that maybe you kiss each morning and when ever he is missing you he can touch his necklace and know that your thinking of him. I don't know. Just ideas. Yeah its Friday!!!

randi said...

It sounds like things are getting better! Only one more day and you will have a whole weekend together!

Lucy said...

Aww--my son had that same issue--things were too hard, didn't want to go but slowly but surely he was better and bettr. He just needs time to adjust (and so do you ;).

I found that I had to ask specific questions from my son rather than how was his day because I would just get the same answers, dont't know, don't we start off with what did you have for lunch today?? I'd guess and he give me clues and then the conversation start rolling into everything else.



Jane Weston said...

Here's a great conversation starter...ask him who got in trouble at school that day. That question always works for me.


jessi said...

It's so good that things are getting better! Little P starts pre school in two weeks. He went for a little bit right after he turned 3 in the spring and it took a while to get him to go alone. I'm hoping the transition goes a little more smoothly this time.