Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally Friday! - Kindergarten Day 5

Well, we survived the first week of Kindergarten! A bit weary, but we've made it through.

This face pretty much sums up our week.
(photo from Monday)

If you had seen Nathan this morning, you'd have thought he was part Octopus. Clinging to me with every tentacle and ounce of strength he has. I'd manage to peel one hand off, then he'd wrap his other hand/arm around me or latch on to my shirt or trousers or keys.

And again, once he was a bit away from me, he was fine...through the door and lining up to sign in.

This afternoon, he told me quite a bit about his day. The teacher has some stuffed animals in the classroom that the kids get to cuddle with during their rest time. Nathan was in charge of passing them out today. He got to cuddle with the otter. He also got to hold the door open on the way to and from recess. He sounds so proud when he talks about being responsible for these things.

So, that's the full report on the first week of Kindergarten. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions and support. :)


Anonymous said...

I have a little boy named Nathan too. He is three and will be starting preschool in two weeks. Your comment about the octopus really struck me because I envision our first week being like this. He is very clingy even at family parties. Do you have any good mommy advice that may help me through those first few days. I know that I am going to feel torn between wanting to hug him and run with him to the car and push him into the classroom and close the door. I just don't want to break his little heart. You seemed to do very well with your son, he seems like he did so well and he was happy once inside! How did you accomplish that?

Dana said...

Whew! One week down. :)

We start Monday. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it on my blog!