Friday, July 20, 2007

Small Time Stash Busting

I joined the "Use What You Have Challenge" flickr group a while ago, but haven't been doing very well. It's not that I'm buying more fabric to stash, because I'm not. It's just that I haven't been very motivated (again) to do much with all the fabric I have. So, I've done a couple little things to get me started.

Yes, I know these tags aren't fabric. Well, technically the two pink ones are. I decoupaged those fabric scraps to the tags, then embellished them. The rest come from my small paper/cardstock/sticker/miscellaneous embellishments stash. Therefore, it counts toward stash busting.

And a couple of fluffy fabric flower pins. These are much cuter and fluffier in person.

That's about all from here. I do have the best of intentions to work on some market bags soon. I think I'm going to try the Morsbag style. The construction looks pretty simple and I like the concept of working together globally to do what we can for the environment. Oh and I'm going to make my bags from some lovely thrifted sheets. Repurposing the sheets makes the bags even better for the environment!


jessi said...

I love the flowers!

And I commend your efforts in bag making - I have been trying to make crocheted bags to use for shopping, but it is just going way too slow! I'll have to whip up some morsbags too!

Lucy said...

Hey if your making and not buying, then it's stash busting in my book!! Great idea about decopauging the fabric to the tags. I could be in busines for a while if I tried that method!


Rebecca said...

I just made some fabric flowers, too! Mine are not very foofy so next time, more layers! I hope to make some to adorn holiday packages.

And I love to make tags. They are quick, you can make them in any style and you can use them. Perfect!

Gwendolen Gross said...

I'm inspired! Beautiful stuff!

Mary Beth said...

I love what you're doing with your stash. Rock on! And do post the Morsbag when you make it--I'm interested in the whole bag thing right now.

Sid Simpson said...

Aren't these flowers addictive?

: )