Sunday, July 29, 2007


Happy Birthday Superman!

I can't believe Nathn is 5 today. Seriously, five! Time has gone so fast.

Every morning for the past week, he's asked if it was his birthday. This morning, he walked in and said, "Mommy, today is my birthday. Can I open my presents now?". So, we've had a great day, starting with birthday breakfast and presents. Moved on to a very active party at a local play center, with lots of friends. Ate pizza and chocolate cake. Opend more presents. Played with said presents. And finally, had a lovely afternoon nap.

Nathan, I hope you've had a wonderful Fifth Birthday!


Laane said...

A bit late.. Happy birthday!!!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday little man!

Randi said...

Happy birthday to your handsome 5-year old!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, I am sorry I have been so busy and I am late, but hapde burfday!